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To view the Zelda Guitar Tabs you will need to download Power Tab or Guitar Tab Pro.

Legend of Zelda:
Dungeon Theme Ganon's Dungeon Theme
Main Theme
Main Theme(Ver 2)

Adventure of Link:
Battle Theme
Castle Theme
Ending Theme
Last Castle Theme

Link To The Past:
Dark World Theme
Dark World Theme Acoustic Arrangement
Death Mountain
Dungeon Theme Dark World
Dungeon Theme Light World
Fairy Theme
Fortune Tellers House
Battle with Ganon
Hyrule Castle Rock Version
Intro Story Theme
Kakariko Village
Light World Rock Version
Lost Woods
Triforce Intro Theme
Rabbit Theme

Link's Awakening
Ballad Of The Windfish
Boss Battle
Cavern Theme
Koholint Island
Face Shrine
Mabe Village
Mini Boss Battle
Moblin Hideout
Mysterious Woods
Rapids Ride
Tal Tal Mountain Range
Town Shop Theme
Trendy Game Shop Theme

Ocarina of Time:
The Lost Woods
Ganondorfs Theme
Bolero Of Fire
Gerudo Valley Theme
Temple of Time
Intro Theme
Kakariko Village
Link's Home
Epona's Song
Shop Theme
Song Of Storms
Song Of Time
The Lost Woods
Zelda's Lullaby
Zelda's Theme

Majora's Mask
Song Of Double Time
Goron lullaby
Clock Town
Stone Tower

Wind Waker
The Legend Of The Hero
Wind Waker Theme
Earth Gods Lyric
Wind Gods Aria


Exploding Deku Nut
Legend of Zelda
Zelda Temple
Zelda Eternity
North Castle
Ordon Village
Zelda Now

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