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Giant Green Chu Chu
Chu Chu

Upon entering the room a Chu Chu falls from the ceiling.If you dont have your sword and gust jar out then equip them now! Put your self in front of the Chu Chu and use your gust jar. When the Chu Chu falls over run up to it and start slashing away with your sword. Repeat this 3 times and then the beast will die.


The battle will begin with Gleerok shooting flames at you(as seen in the above picture). Take out your Cane of Pacci and shoot right at Gleerok's shell, then run across his neck and keep hitting him. Just continue this intill he dies.


Defeating Mazaal is more of an annoyance then a challenge. Start off by shooting the center of Mazaal's hands with your arrows. After both hands have been shot run over and start slashing away at one of his eyes. You may have been wondering what the Minish Portals in the room was for, well you need it to get inside Mazaal himself. So shrink to Minish size and climb into his head where you will need to hit the flashing column. After doing so you'll get "throw" out of his head. Again like the other bosses... just repeat this stuff.

Big Octorok

Simply use your shield to deflect three rocks back to the Octorok and it will become stunned. Then take out your Lantern and light his tail on fire. Do this three times to kill him.

Gyorg Pair
Gyorg Pair

This battle can be very confusing at times so be careful. Start the battle by hitting the blue Gyorg's eyes. When red Gyorg comes, jump over to him and use the four pads on it's back to hit it's eyes. Then hop back to the blue Gyorg and keep doing this until they are dead.

Vaati - Sorcerer Form

Vaati will have eyes flying around his body, your job is too slash all of the eyes. Once you do so his eye on his body will be exposed and ripe for hitting with your sword. Vaati will keep spawning eyes so you will need to keep dstroying them. After a while of doing this Vaati's eye's will form an engry shield of some sort. Use the gust jar to destroy them. Keep doing this and the first of the three forms of Vaati will have been defeated.

Vaati - Wind Mage Form

Out of the 8 eyes on Vaati 4 will turn red when Link hits them with an arrow. Then find the Four Sword pads and match up the Link clones with the red eyes. Use them to slash Vaatis four exposed eyes all at once, the eyes will dissapear giving you the chance to hit Vaati. Keep doing this for Vaati to be defeated.

Vaati - Final Form

Once Vaati smashes his hand into the ground whip out your Cane of Pacci and shoot it. When hand then turns a mini-tower looking thing run to the Minish portal, shrink to Minish size and run into the hand. Inside Vaati's hand many eyes will be flying around but only one wont be looking foward. Find that eye and keep hitting it. After doing this to the other hand you will need to use the four-pads to bounce back rays from his four eyes while dogeing an electrifying "laser" of sorts from Vaati himself. Repeat this intill you have destroyed Vaati's final form being peace to Hyrule!


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