The Minish Cap - Fairy Fountain Locations

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Great Fairies

Minish Woods

The Great Butterfly Fairy of Minish Woods. She upgrades your wallet.

Mount Crenel

The Great Mayfly Fairy of Mount Crenel. She upgrades your bomb bag.

Royal Valley

The Great Dragonfly Fairy of Royal Valley. She upgrades your quiver.


South Hyrule Field

From the most northern part of South Hyrule Field go west and you will see a staircase. Bomb the wall next to it.

North Hyrule Field

In the north-eastern part of North Hyrule Field you will see a tree. The only way to get inside is through a Kinstone fusion.

Hyrule Castle Garden

Another random Kinstone fusion will drain the fountain revealing a staircase.

Tribly Highlands

Exit Hyrule Castle Town to the west and walk down the staircase to the south and bomb inbetween the two stones to your left.

Mount Crenel's Base

Climb up the vine and walk to west and bomb the space between the four dead trees.

Mount Crenel's

On the bottom right side of Crenel Wall there are two stones with a space between them.Bomb that space to gain access to this Fairy Fountain.


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