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Link's first sword. The most basic of Link's three swords.

Small Shield

Link's most basic shield. Can block more weak attacks.

Mirror Shield

Powerful shield that can block many attacks. Can only be received after completing the Goron Quest and beating the game.

Roc's Cape

Cape that let's Link jump and even fly over things.

Pegasus Boots

Let's Link run very fast and is used in dash attacks.

Ocarina of Wind

Use it to warp to Wind Crests all over Hyrule.

Mole Mitts

Lets Link dig dirt walls and the like.

Gust Jar

Vacuum like object that let's Link suck things in and spit them out.

Flame Lantern

Lantern that lights dark areas aswell as burns up objects.

Cane of Pacci

Lets Link flip over some objects as well as charge up a hole in the ground and launch Link out of it.


Throw it and it will always come back. Buy it at the shop in Hyrule for 300 Rupees.

Magical Boomerang

Much better Boomerang. You can even control where it goes. You need to fuse Kinstones with the four Tingle's that can be found all over Hyrule.


Bombs. You know blow up walls and enemies.

Remote Bombs

Bombs that can be placed any where and they are remotely detonated by you. You must fuse Kinstones with the Minish Elder to get these from the Minish who gave you your original bombs.


Fires arrows at enemies and is used to slove puzzles.

Light Arrow's

Powerful arrows that are filled with the "sacred light". Fuse Kinstones with the man in the yellow house on the west side of Hyrule Town.


Use the bottle to store liquids,fairys and a host of other items.

Lon Lon Milk

Creamy milk that restores some health, can be used twice.


An item that was taken out of the game for some unknow reasons. You can only get the Butter by using a Game Shark or any other cheating device.


Fairies can be found in hidden areas all over Hyrule. They restore some health and will revive you when you die.

Blue Potion

This potion will restore some health. Maple sells it for 60 Rupees.

Red Potion

This potion will restore all your health. Maple sells this for 150 Rupees.


This item does not have too many uses but it can put out fires and make plants grow.

Farore's Charm

Temporarily boosts your attack and defense.

Din's Charm

Temporarily boosts your attack.

Nayru's Charm

Temporarily boosts your defense.


Cost 60 Rupees it may have a Kinstone piece inside. Buy it at the Hyrule Bakery.


Cost 40 Rupees it may have a Kinstone piece inside. Buy it at the Hyrule Bakery.


Cost 30 Rupees it may have a Kinstone piece inside. Buy it at the Hyrule Bakery.


Cost 20 Rupees it may have a Kinstone piece inside. Buy it at the Hyrule Bakery.

Other Items

Broken Sword

The Picori Blade. It needs to be fixed so you can have the power to destroy Vaati.


Never get lost with this map of Hyrule.

Kinstones Bag

Its a bag used for holding Kinstones. Rather self explanatory dont you think?

Grip Ring

Needed to scale walls on Mt. Crenel. You can buy it from a Business Scrub on the mountain for 40 Rupees.

Power Bracelets

Gives you the power to move heavy objects.


Gives you the power to swim.

Wake Up Mushroom

A horrid smelling mushroom that will wake even the heaviest sleepers.

Jabber Nut

Once eaten you can understand the Minish language.

Earth Element

The substance of earth that is needed to restore the Four Sword.

Fire Element

The substance of fire that is needed to restore the Four Sword.

Water Element

The substance of water that is needed to restore the Four Sword.

Wind Element

The substance of wind that is needed to restore the Four Sword.


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