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You can find Swiftblade in the southwestern part of Hyrule Town.

Spin Attack

As soon as you get your sword Swiftblade can teach you this move. Hold down your sword button to charge up then release.

Rock Breaker

Break pots with your sword! That's all there is to it!!

Dash Attack

Equip your Pegasus Boots and sword, and dash away!

Down Thrust

Equip the Roc's Cape and the sword!! Jump and swing!


Grimblade can be found in the eastern part of Hyrule Castle Garden.

Sword Beam

When your hearts are full swing your sword.


Go to the far western side of Mt. Crenel's Base and climb the green vine you should see there. Head to the right and then climb up the walls and you should see a cave. The cave is the home of Grayblade.

Roll Attack

Roll! Then swing your sword as you start to get up!


Swim east from the area near the Mayor's cabin and around that "island" in the middle. Go to the left and climb up the steps, go inside the tree there.

Peril Beam

When you have only one heart left, swing the sword!

Swiftblade the First

Warp to the Wind Crest in Castor Wilds and from there run with your Pegasus Boots to to left. You should see a tomb stone like object with grass around it. Push it aside and enter.

Great Spin Attack

Perform a Spin Attack...and hit the button repeatedly!



You need to fuse kinstones with Grayblade in order to find him. You learn to speed up your Great Spin Attack charge.


You need to fuse kinstones with Waveblade in order to find him. The rotation time of your Great Spin Attack increases after you vist him.


You need to fuse kinstones with Grimblade in order to find him. He will speed up your Spilt Gauge(i.e. the green bar the fills up when you make copies of your self)


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