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A long time ago evil spirits appeared in Hyrule, but before they cast the kingdom into darkness, the tiny Picori came from the skies. They bestowed a shining golden light and a blade upon a hero, who used his courage to save the world. To thank the Picori, the people began an annual Picori Festival. Long long after, the Picori became a legend, but the tradition of the festival continued.

It is the Picori Festival again and Princess Zelda of Hyrule comes to invite Link, her childhood friend, to see the festival with her. An old legend in Hyrule reads "Just once in every 100 years, a secret door opens, and the Picori come to visit."

While Zelda and Link look through town, they find out that a Sword-Fighting Tournament was held, and was won with much ease by Vaati. When he is presented with his prize, it turns out that Vaati has some very sinister intentions and among other things turns Zelda to stone. Link is given the quest of defeating Vaati and saving Zelda. Maybe the Picori can help?


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